Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your service cost?

The machine and operator costs work out at around £475.00 per day. Currently we are not registered for VAT, so we can can pass on this saving.


And how does that break down on a job specific basis?

We would aim to quote for any viable work within 24hours but to give you a rough guide a set of 15 - 20 property photographs for a Venue (Eg Hotel / Restaurant), Estate Agent or Developer within a 35 miles radius of our base here in Leyland Lancashire would probably work out at around  £225.00 to £275.00. The range of cost is largely due to the range of complexity that individual projects present. This would include electronic copies of the original files in JPEG and RAW format. We would also routinely carry out some initial image processing to ensure the image quality is to the required standard. At extra cost we can also produce very high quality  prints on photographic paper up to A3+ size.

Do you have an area you specialise in?

We have a long history (30+ years) in architecture and construction - so property photographs, aerial surveys of properties and buildings generally are our main areas of expertise.


You said 'viable' work - what does this mean? We still have to comply with the Law, and aviation law has it's own set of requirements that place certain restrictions on where and how we can operate.This can also affect the costs.

What equipment do you use?

We operate a DJI Phantom Professional 3 drone and a DJI Osmo hand held / tripod mounted camera. Both cameras can provide 12 megapixel images, High definition Video and Ultra High Definition Video (4k). Both cameras are mounted on motorised gimbals which provides a stabalised platform from which to shoot.


So does that mean you can operate indoors and outdoors?

It does, although obviously the indoor footage is ground based using the Osmo camera.

How high can you fly?

We are restricted under the conditions of our licence to 400 feet above ground level.

What distance can you cover?

We are limited to a radius of 500m from the take off point, however this may be reduced by other restrictions such as highways, railway lines, and other buildings - we consider each project on a case by case basis.


Are you insured?

We have to be - its part of the licence requirements. We carry Public Liability Insurance of up to £2,000,000. This is provided by a specialist broker:

Do you have any up-front charges?

None - however we do ask for payment on supply of the final  images. This is to keep our costs down and allows us to provide a better service.



We hear a lot of stories in the press about drones endagering life and generally causing a nuisance, what's your view and how do you operate?

It's an unfortunate aspect of our work that all registered drone pilots are keen to dispel. Anybody who has a licence to operate a drone knows first hand about the time and effort that goes into earning a Drone Pilot's Licence. As a result, we, as an emerging industry are very keen to work safely, in a controlled environment and with equipment that is carefully maintained and operated in a responsible manner.

Unfortunately there are a number of idots out there who have no respect for other people's safety and privacy and we would never condone or support their actions.