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Some of our Previous Flights

July 2021 - Eric Wright Construction. A6 Road Improvement Works, Swinton, Manchester

The final video and photographic shoot of road improvement works for Salford City Council was carried out at 7.00am on a Sunday morning to avoid conflicts with traffic and pedestrians. Our lightweight drone was used for the shoot.

SWINTON A6 (03) (58 of 68).jpg

May 2020 - Eric Wright Construction. Yeadon Way, Blackpool.

Final visit immediately prior to opening to record the remedial works to Yeadon Way, a primary vehicular route into the centre of Blackpool. The carriageway ( a former railway line) had suffered from some subsidence to the embankments requiring extensive repair works in order to increase the lifespan of the route.

YEADON WAY FINAL (97 of 121).jpg

March 2020 - The Whitworth Building, University of Manchester. Roof Condition Survey

An eerily quiet Oxford Road in Manchester due to the on-going Coronavirus Pandemic. Taking whatever positives we can from the current situation maintaining a safe distance from the public and road vehicles was never an issue.

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